Get your PPT

Create the program, the meeting-rooms on the website as well as the speakers, then send them automatically a personalized email in order to propose to them to upload their PPT. On the day of the conference you can easily launch each PPT presentation and registration is done automatically.

Record your PPT

You can record each PPT slide by slide, the sound and a video of the speaker. Everything is automatic, no need for any special technique. The microphone and the webcam of the PC are enough. Everything is automatic. From broadcasting to recording.

Watch your PPT

After each registration of the PPT presentations, the upload on the site is done automatically. You will see each video with the PPT, the video of the speaker and the associated sound. Then, you can watch the video by slide and eventually resell the ad space underneath the video to one of your partners.

Estimation des tarifs

Estimation du prix